NEWS! – Granted 3 “Grand Gold Quality Award” and 1 “Gold Award” from 2021 Monde Selection.


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    Dietary Supplement Manufacturing Process

    The key to selecting high-quality nutritional supplements is the safety, efficacy and active form of the product. Safety represents whether the product has be through quality control and inspection, which must be evaluated and inspected from the source of the raw materials at the front end. Efficacy indicates the effectiveness after consumption…

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    B-Complex Vitamins : Myth or Science – 2

    There are many myths/rumors regarding vitamin Bs. Which one is true?
    1. Could vitamin Bs boost of energy?
    2. If I feel fatigue in the morning, should I take vitamin B-Complex?
    3. Taking vitamin Bs at night would cause insomnia?
    4. The higher the dose of vitamin B-Complex, the better? More…

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    B-Complex Vitamins : Myth or Science – 1

    Modern people live on a tight schedule, with irregular eating habits and life styles, an over-tired condition has become the norm for many. There’s already been a lot of media hype about the B Vitamins, and B-Complex Vitamins seem to be considered as the top choice for refreshing and recharging energy…

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    Folate Benefits for Pregnancy ~ What You Should Know Beforehand

    Folate is a crucial nutrient for all of us: women, pregnant or not, and men as well. However, unless you’re a health-care professional, a nutritionist or a scientist, you might think folate is just a nutrient that pregnant women need. Indeed, adequate folate intake is important for expectant mothers. Supplement 400-800 mcg of folate daily…

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    5 Ways to Manage Holiday Stress

    Many people look forward to the holidays of Chinese New Year. While this time of year is meant to bring feelings of love and celebration, it’s also the harbinger of holiday stress for many. In fact, according to some polls, more than 80% of people find the holiday season to be ‘somewhat’ or ‘very’ stressful…

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